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Are you an agency owner looking to streamline your client management process? Look no further than our agency plans, designed specifically for the needs of businesses like yours. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps of adding and managing clients on our agency plans, making your job easier and more efficient. Whether you're new to our platform or a seasoned user, this comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn how to take your client management to the next level with our agency plans. If you're considering trying out Gohighlevel through their free trial, you're likely interested in the various features and benefits of this all-in-one platform.

In this article, we'll focus specifically on how to add and manage clients on agency plans, as well as how these plans can impact your sales pipeline.First, let's discuss what an agency plan is and how it differs from a regular plan. An agency plan on Gohighlevel allows you to manage multiple clients under one account, making it ideal for businesses that offer marketing or sales services to other businesses. Now, let's dive into the steps for adding and managing clients on agency plans.

1.Creating an Agency Plan

- To get started, you'll need to create an agency plan under your main account. This can be done by going to the 'Settings' tab and selecting 'Agency Plans' from the dropdown menu. From there, click on 'Create Agency Plan' and follow the prompts to set up your plan.

2.Adding Clients

- Once your agency plan is set up, you can start adding clients by going to the 'Clients' tab and clicking on 'Add Client'.

You'll then be prompted to fill in their information and select which services they have access to. This allows you to customize each client's experience based on their needs and preferences.

3.Managing Clients

- Gohighlevel's agency plans also allow you to easily manage your clients' accounts. You can view their activity, edit their information, and even set up automated tasks for their accounts. This ensures that you can provide the best service possible to your clients and keep everything organized within one platform. By using Gohighlevel's agency plans, you have access to various marketing tools such as email and SMS marketing, landing pages, and lead generation features.

This means that not only can you effectively manage your clients, but you can also use these tools to enhance their marketing strategies and ultimately increase their sales.

Customizing Client Experiences

When adding clients, be sure to take advantage of the customization options available to tailor each client's experience.

Utilizing Marketing Tools for Clients

Gohighlevel offers a variety of powerful marketing tools that can greatly benefit your clients and their sales pipelines. By integrating these tools into your clients' strategies, you can enhance their overall marketing efforts and drive more leads and conversions. One of the key features of Gohighlevel is its customizable landing pages. These pages are designed to capture leads and drive conversions, making them an essential tool for any marketing campaign. By using these landing pages for your clients, you can create targeted campaigns that are tailored to their specific needs and goals. In addition to landing pages, Gohighlevel also offers robust email marketing capabilities.

With this tool, you can design and send personalized email campaigns to your clients' target audience. By utilizing email marketing, you can nurture leads and keep them engaged with your clients' brand, ultimately increasing their chances of converting. Another valuable tool offered by Gohighlevel is its SMS marketing feature. By incorporating SMS into your clients' strategies, you can reach customers directly on their phones and increase engagement rates. This tool is particularly effective for time-sensitive promotions or important updates that need to be communicated quickly. Finally, Gohighlevel's social media management tool allows you to schedule and publish posts across various social media platforms.

By leveraging social media, you can expand your clients' reach and increase brand awareness, ultimately driving more leads and conversions.

Automating Tasks for Clients

As an agency, managing clients can be a time-consuming task. However, with Gohighlevel's automation features, you can streamline tasks and save valuable time. These automation features allow you to set up workflows and sequences that automatically perform tasks for your clients, freeing up your time to focus on other important aspects of your business. One key feature of Gohighlevel's automation is the ability to create triggers based on certain actions or events. For example, you can set up a trigger to automatically send a welcome email to new clients when they are added to your agency plan.

This not only saves you time, but also ensures a timely and consistent onboarding process for all your clients. Another useful automation feature is the ability to set up reminders and follow-ups for tasks. For instance, you can create a sequence that sends reminder emails to clients who have not completed a specific action within a certain timeframe. This helps keep clients engaged and on track with their tasks, without you having to manually follow up with them. In addition, Gohighlevel's automation features also allow for easy task delegation. You can assign tasks to specific team members and set up automated reminders and notifications for them to complete the task.

This helps improve team collaboration and ensures tasks are completed efficiently and on time. By utilizing Gohighlevel's automation features, you can streamline tasks for your clients and save valuable time. This not only improves the efficiency of your agency, but also enhances the overall client experience. So if you're looking to add and manage clients on agency plans, be sure to take advantage of these powerful automation tools offered by Gohighlevel. In conclusion, Gohighlevel's agency plans offer a comprehensive and efficient way to add and manage clients on their platform. By utilizing the customization options, automation features, and marketing tools available, you can effectively grow your clients' businesses and boost your own agency's success.

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